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Love, Nala's Blog

  • 4 Ways to Keep your Cat Hydrated


    As a cat-loving family, one of our favorite movies is, of course, Aristocats! The animation is so cute and we love how they showcase the family bon...

  • Happy Halloween from Love, Nala


    Happy Halloween Love, Nala community! The furry family is dressed up for the occasion. A friendly reminder that though human children can enjoy can...

  • #showthebow


    Inspired by the bowtie that brought Pookie & Shannon together and Nala's humble beginnings in a rescue, the #showthebow movement aims to raise ...

  • Black Cats Bring Good Luck


    It’s a spooky time of year. In the US, many Halloween movies feature black cats as spooky cats associated with bad witches. There’s a superstition ...

  • 5 Tips on Dressing up your Cat for Halloween


    It’s that time of year again. When you walk through a store and see adorable Halloween costumes for your cat. As many of you know, Nala loves dres...

  • Meet White Coffee Cat


    Hello Love, Nala Community,   Now that we have introduced you to the inspiration behind our cat food brand Love, Nala, Nala Cat, we want to introd...

  • How to Brush your Cat's Teeth


    All of our cats love eating! They eat breakfast and dinner and look forward to treat time. Because they love eating so much, it’s important for th...

  • How to transition your cat food to Love, Nala


    Thank you for joining the Love, Nala community. We are so excited to have you along for the ride! Nala and her furry family members have had to swi...

  • Meet Pookie and Shannon


    Now that you’ve met Nala, we want to introduce ourselves. We are Pookie and Shannon and we are the co-founders of Love, Nala but better known as N...

  • Meet Love, Nala


    Today is a very special day! We are so excited to announce the launch of our cat food company, Love, Nala that includes dry kibble and wet food. W...

  • Meet Nala


    Hello Love, Nala Community,   My name is Nala better known as @nala_cat on Instagram. I have known most of you for 7 years now but I wanted to int...